I'm not sure how to use this, or why I did this..but here I am. I'll probably mostly post about things that LMC is doing, has done, or will be doing.


Anonymous asked
Who do you think are the three funniest people in k-pop? And which groups do you think are funniest?

Hard questions!  I love groups and reality programs that can make you laugh and some groups are really awesome when it comes to being on tv.  I think the funniest people to watch at any given time are probably the hosts of Weekly Idol.  Their antics on that show as well as the “Hitmaker” show they created were amazing and hilarious.  Individual idols that are funny would have to be Jackson (Got7) and B:eta (alphabat). They make me laugh constantly when they are being interviewed.  B:eta is like an energizer bunny that never seems to run out of energy and is one of the craziest leaders I have ever seen.

Funniest groups overall would have to be Got7 because their reality programs are always amazing. I don’t think there has ever been an episode that didn’t make me laugh the entire time I watched it.

UKiss is also hilarious on realty programs.  If you watch them on a lot of their Japanese interviews they are really fun.  Soohyun and Hoon in particular can really crack you up with their antics.

BTOB is another that people should look up if you want to laugh a lot. The members are crazy and their videos are equally as amusing.  All the members seem like they would be fun to hang out with.

If you are looking for funny you can also check out VIXX-TV which was also really great for a laugh depending on the episode. I’m really glad it has started on season 2 because I have missed watching their weekly show.  I also enjoy Big Bang’s Daesung and his antics. That group also has done a lot of fun reality programs.

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Hello everyone!

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I haven’t uploaded pictures in awhile so here you go! A look at my newest cosplay! It is the 6th Doctor from Doctor Who. What a fun costume this is!  I was excited that I even got to meet Colin Baker, the 6th doctor himself, while wearing the costume!  I wore this to Dragoncon and got pictures with the lovely Tardis, Star Angel Costuming.

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Anonymous asked
hi, i was wondering if you could give me some anime recommendations? i usually like stuff in a school setting (like free! iwatobi swim club, vampire knight, la corda d'oro, etc.)

I feel like it has been so long since I’ve had the chance to watch any anime LOL. I have seen Free but I haven’t had a chance to watch the other two you have mentioned but I might have to do so!  But let’s see..

I don’t know too many in a school setting but you could try Hikaru no Go. It’s an older anime but the characters are adorable and you really grow to love them. it’s a longer series too.

Azumanga Daioh is kind of a classic school anime that was really popular.

If you like shonen ai type series, Gakuen Heaven is really cute. It also has a manga and I believe was based off of a dating sim type game.  There are different mangas were the main character ends up with a different guy.

Kare Kano is another classic school anime about a boy and a girl who fall in love but have to go through a lot of trails because they don’t realize they like each other and the girl is competing with the guy to be the top of the class. Its a really interesting anime style because it is based off a manga.

Here is Greenwood is also another classic anime. Kind of short but it keeps going on the manga.

Eyeshield 21 is one of my favorites if you like sports anime. The characters are very likeable and it’s pretty funny. It’s about some high schoolers that are on an American Football team and follows them training for the big games.

I hope those suggestions are some you haven’t seen or heard of before!

Anonymous asked
What are some of the future cosplays you have lined up?

So many things! I have so many plans I want to do and just no time to do them all.  I’ll start with my most current costumes and move on to hopefuls:

Current to be done THIS MONTH!

  • The 6th Doctor from Doctor Who (mostly done, just finishing details!)
  • B-Joo from Topp Dogg “TopDog” MV
  • Jenissi from Topp Dogg “Arario” MV (white outfit)
  • G Dragon from Big Bang “Monster” MV

To be done for near in the future conventions!

  • HyukDdi from Big Byung
  • Ravi from VIXX “Eternity” MV
  • My super secret WCS cosplay that I’m not allowed to reveal!

Hopeful to debut next year!

  • Grimlock from Transformers
  • Queen Esther from Trinity Blood
  • J:eta from AlphaBat “Tantara” MV
  • Ninetails or Lapras from Pokemon Cowslips version
  • Colonnello from Katekyo Hitman Reborn
  • Jefferson/Mad Hatter from Once Upon a Time

Lots of Kpop but that is mostly because I haven’t been able to watch a lot of anime lately. I do hope to make a new Fai cosplay next year since the new manga is starting up!  I also would like to do another Mukuro (Katekyo Hitman Reborn) cosplay next year because he has some fun designs.  Really..there is no telling what the year will bring! A lot of those options on the next year list are very involved and detailed pieces.

I’m also up for suggestions! If anyone has an anime that they think I should watch or cosplay, please tell me~